All About Invitation Embellishment

Let's say, you're scrolling through Pinterest looking for inspiration for your wedding and you happen to come across a few invitation pics. They're beautifully laid out showing all the details including a unique, patterned sleeve, wax seal, vintage stamps, and an envelope liner. Your are obsessed with the photo and Pin it to your board. So, what exactly made this photo so special? Did it have flourished calligraphy that you admired or a venue illustration? Was it just laid out in a way that drew you in? The answer could be yes to all of the above, but I can tell you one thing that might have helped you save that photo: embellishments!

So what are invitation embellishments? An embellishment is a decorative detail added to make your suite unique to your wedding. These small details are key elements of creating an original suite. They elevate your overall design from something simplistic to something stunning and Pin worthy! Adding all the little bells and whistles shows your attention to detail and thoughtfulness for your loved ones. This shows them not only how much they mean to you but gives them a peek into your wedding day to come.

In this blog, I outline some of my favorite invitation embellishments and how they can add that extra pizzazz to your suite!

Wax Seals

Whether added to the envelope, vellum wrap or on the invite itself, wax seals can be used in almost anyway to incorporate that old world charm to your suite. They come in so many different colors and designs, the sky is really the limit!

Calligraphed Guest Addresses

This is probably one of the most common add-ons! The envelope is truly the very first thing your guests sees when finding it in their mailbox. This adds that special touch and elevates the envelope separating it from all the other mail they may have.

Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are my personal favorite! They can be anything you want from custom patterns, landscapes, venue illustrations to vintage paintings from the 1800's! This detail gives you the opportunity to bring in another element with more variations of color and depth. If you're on a tight budget and could only pick one embellishment, I would say definitely this one!

Vintage Postage

This element, like calligraphed guest addressing, really makes a statement and shows that extra time and care for your guests! Vintage postage can really bring in that vintage/old world charm you're looking for. It can be a bit pricy but worth every penny!

Vellum Wraps and Sheets

Not only can vellum add another eye-catching element to your suite, plain or with a design, it is a great layer of protection from the USPS! Wraps are great if you wish to have wax seals, twine or ribbon but these elements could be used on sheets as well.

Silk Ribbon and Twine

A delicate way to add some texture and romance to your suite. This is a great binder to keep your suite together and looks fabulous when photographed.

Embellishments are the stars of the show when it comes to making your wedding invitations unique , special and Pin worthy. I'm here to help create your dream invitations you and your guest will love and want to keep for years to come!

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