Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Invitations

Hooray you're getting married! While this is a very exciting time in your lives, it can also be pretty stressful between all the meetings, planning, budgeting and researching! As all of your details come together, invitations are easily one of the most important elements.

Below I have collected some of the most frequently asked questions about wedding invitations:

When should I mail out my invitations?

Typically, you'll mail out your invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding. This should give guests enough time to respond. If you're having a destination wedding, 8-10 weeks is more appropriate so guests can book their travel plans. Design + printing time for invitations is usually a couple months, so be sure to book your invitations early!

Below you can find a typical timeline for custom invitations through Morgan Riley Design:

When should I begin working on invitations?

The design process can take about 4-5 weeks depending on the scope of work and amount of revisions. Printing and assembly will add on about 2-4 more weeks. It is preferred that you inquire 6 months to a year prior to your wedding to ensure that I can fit you on my design calendar. You can totally book earlier but I won't typically start on your suite that early. However, if you have all of your information and are eager to start, we can always start the design process, pause, and then revisit it closer to the date of printing. I do this just in case we have any changes in text or quantity and don't want you to regret printing too early! If you need to book later in the process no worries! We just need at least 3 months before your target send out date to design + print, but rush fees may be needed depending on the timeline.

How much do custom wedding invitations cost?

Pricing varies depending on quantity, printing method, paper type and additional add-ons. Each invitation suite is unique to every couple which is why created different suite options. The average Morgan Riley Design Bride invests around $3,000+ in their custom stationery.

How many invitations should I order?

This is completely up to your guest list. Invitation quantity should be per household and different from your guest count. Be sure to add 5-10 extra just in case there's any last-minute add-ons or if you need to re-send any! I will keep those extras in house and have them at the ready just in case. It's better to order a few extra at the beginning than have to pay extra fees after it's too late.

Is all of your calligraphy and illustrations hand written and drawn?

Yes! Each suite that I create is sketched, drawn/handwritten and then digitized and designed on the computer to be printed with the amount of invitation suites needed. I do not work with script fonts.

How much postage will I need per invitation?

Many couples forget to factor in postage for their invitations and save the dates. Postage can actually cost a lot, especially if you plan on having embellishments. The amount of postage you need per invitation depends on the shape, size and weight.If you choose to handle postage yourself, make sure to take a fully assembled invitation suite to the post office and weigh it to determine postage.

Why Custom?

Using a stationer who handles invitation details professionally can alleviate the potential for mistakes, unexpected costs and worries. Designing your own custom invitation suite can also be fun and add the perfect, personal touch to your big day! Between all the planning, meetings and fittings you have, why not leave your wedding invitations to a professional that can do it all for you?

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